A state of mind, mine is most unkind
Another here is sharing my space 
Locked within this same human skin 
Another voice is sharing my throat 
We are here stuck inside this head 
Taking turns wondering who is real 
This is not a future or a life 

Another day don't tell me it's a page 
When everyday the book is not the same 
My life a series of snapshots 
But never once is the order the same 
One voice here inside my head 
How long will it be the same 
Another lie made unto myself 
Play the game according to whose rules? 

Tell me you'll relieve me of my sins 
And leave me whole but not the same 
Taking one chosen from the rest 
Tell me how does he pass your test 
Fractured minds, relieve me of their pain 
What am I, don't leave us for the dead 
A state of mind I have more of these 
Don't say that I'm just a disease