Megan, I have worn you like a blanket in the cold
Shivering on your barstool, soaked down to the bone
Breaking your attention from across a crowded room
Where you pour expensive poison for rich boys to consume

Catching every smile in the corners of your mouth
You were empty of the future, you were unaware of doubt
As you danced around the counter with your lips all painted red
Threw your arms around me and got burned into my head

First time that I saw you, you were walking up my street
Hours after midnight, man you must have been insane
To come and meet some stranger in the middle of the night
And go speeding through the darkness on the back of his bike

But we rode together in the wind, vanished in a dream
Where the nights went on forever, the last stand of something free
But there was a warning you neglected to receive
From your beloved Audrey Hepburn, never love a wild thing

I was only looking for shelter from the storm
I said I couldn't stay but then I stayed a little more
Tie me down Delilah, just please don't cut my hair
Love is not a contract, it's a burden we share

Darren took that fifth of wild turkey from your shelf
Left a twenty on the table, went to party somewhere else
As I got drunk and threw up in your bathroom down the hall
Tripped and broke the mirror that was leaned against your wall

But you didn't get angry, you just laughed and shook your head
Threw back the covers and told me to come to bed
Underneath your blankets you were too involved to see
There were seven shards of bad luck and they all looked like me