Give me your pain
give me your sorrow
give me your loneliness
and broken dreams
your bad times
and your worry
now forget
now forget

Give me your past
give me your family
give me the walls you build
and the ones you break
your shadows
and your longing
now forget.
now forget.

All that will be
but isn't yet
now forget,
now forget.

I'll put it all
in a small wooden box
with the rusty old lock
and the sparrows in flight
I'll guard it with my life
through the long long night

you are my eyes
you are my passion
you are my journey to where ive been
you are my reason
for living
now forget
now forget.

Give me your truth
give me your questions
give me your longing for what will be
give me your daydreams
and your demons
now forget
now forget.