The nearness of the sea and you 
Obliterates all hopes of rest 
Your salty breath has blown over the sea 
To penetrate my breast 

The rising of my love 
Is like the waves at tide... 
Come, my bride 

In a red moon over sea 
Your blood is burning 
In a red moon I can see 
Our blood is turning 
The rising tide 
Will call and cry 
Your name, your name in yearning 
Come, my bride 

Come my bride... 
How can I close the window 
When the storm is near? 
How can I close my window 
When your feet are bare? 
How can I close my window 
When the ocean weeps 
How can I, knowing you're 
Awake somewhere... 

The owl shattered my sleep 
When in the night he cried, 
Come, my bride