Far better to remain forgotten
Far better to be thought of never again
Far better for it to lie undisturbed

It should not have been unearthed
It should not have been ever made known
It should not have been allowed to ever again see the light of day

The unendurable truths of who we actually are
The excruciating and unbearable secrets of the origins of the human race
Should never have been exhumed from their ancient entombment
To saw madness and self annihilation
Amongst the weak willed and deluded masses of this world

We should have remained hopelessly lost in blind self delusion
We should have prayed to never learn of the mind reading truth of the lineage of mankind

Far better to live in blissful ignorance
Far better to be unaware
Of the Grotesque creatures which spawned our race
Of our unwritten sickening genealogy
Of the wretched mockery of creation
That evolved into man

The unguessed horror had long been mercifully hidden in the mists of time
The blasphemy against nature that is mankind
Was yet undreamed of when forgotten shapes
Slithered forth from the Primordial Slime
Building strange cities amongst whose last crumbling ruins
The first Apes were to wander
At the end of truth lies madness