Khenti Amenti
Dead God of the Dead
Who was old aeons before the lordship of the Dead
Was usurped by Osiris
Long before the priests of Asar
Forbade the cannibalism of the Dead
Those who could not afford to be buried
Were to be eaten or burnt
Or devoured by crocodiles
Or fed to the hyenas and Jackals

The seven who work slaughter
In the Lake of Fire who feed upon the Dead
Who hack necks to pieces
Who seize hearts and tear them from breasts
I beseech thee
Feast not upon my heart
Devour not the insides of my skull
Gorge not upon my entrails
Gnaw not upon my limbs
Tear not with your teeth the flesh from my bones

I pray to the Four Apes
Who sit at the corners of the Lake of Fire
Whose mouths vomit forth flames
To propitiate the Gods

As it was for he who walked forth from the Inferno
And wast not burned
Let me emerge unscrathed from self immolation
Let me be neither seared nor incinerated
Let me come forth unmolested
Let me not be repeatedly consumed in Pits of Fire
Let me walk forth from fire
Let me walk forth from flame unscathed