I am become
The hawk headed lord
Arrayed in blinding light
Upon a dawn of terror

Given unto you
The machines of conquest
Engines of war
Anointed with blood and dung

With them shall ye smite thine enemies
None shall stand before thee
Slay, maim, trample, raze their cities to utter ruin

With fire and blood
With sword and spear
Be thou merciless
Damn them that pity

Attack without quarter
Swift as a serpent turn and strike
Drag down their souls to awful torment
Spit upon them
Lash them to the wheel of suffering

Sieze the stele of revealing
Set it in the secret temple
That stele thou shalt call
The abomination of desolation
Count well its name

I am as
The hawk headed lord
Who appeareth on the throne of Ra
Supreme and terrible
Ra Harmachis
Who maketh gods to tremble
Arrayed in blinding light
Upon a dawn of war