In the Name of the God Amun I wage war
North to Gaza I marched my armies of chariots and infantry
Twenty thousand strong to crush as revolt of vassal states

Rebellious kings of Kadesh and Megiddo
Syrians allied with the Mitanni and Amurru
Built their settlements taken over the trade route of the Dia Maris

Through treacherous mountain passes to descend upon the Canaanites
On the Plain of Esbraelon we rode forth bringing carnage and death
With chariot and composite bow
Attacking in concave formation
Dicious three winged piercing spearhead swiftly overwhelming both Canaanite Flanks

Fearlessly I smote their center
Savagely we broke the enemys will
Heavy slaughter and bitter suffering did we inflict upon them

At the Word of the God Amun I waged war
In the Name of the God Amun I sanctioned atrocities
Wanton cruel remorseless in the Name of the God Amun

Surrounded scattered broken demoralized shamed defeated
The Rebels fled into the city of Megiddo
Trapped like rats they closed the gates behind them

Seven months we lay siege to Megiddo utterly breaking the League of Rebels

I Thutmose III have brought doom upon the Rebels
Dicious and pitiless destruction hae I inflicted upon the vanquished
I have slaughtered the captives
Slain the wounded, enslaved their women, massacred their populace
Killed their people by the tens of thousands
I have hacked up their lands, desolated their towns

Cast fire into their dwellings Caid settlements to waste
I have made mounds of their cities
Cut down their fields of grains, felled their trees
Every resource of life have I denied them
Their resettlement can never take place
I have destroyed them utterly at the Word of Amon Ra