Really my name is Nikka really my sign Gemini really hey hey really
Really my name is Nikka music my life come hit it wit me hey hey hit me
Come and get some

Been here been there
Rocked the people everywhere
Its not a competition friend, did it all 'fore I was 10
Here I come I'm a ride got the people tryin to fly
Move aside all you posers get out your homework folders
Cause I done already told ya
I'm the real I'm the truth
I'm a pro
P-r-o whoa

I'm fly way fly
Out the corner of my eye
See you bitches on my dick try try try tryin
To imitate the real try to cop to my feel
But I already told ya I was singin in my diapers
Now get out your windshield wipers cause:
The tears r gonna blind ya
You just have to witness
You think you can lick this
From hi notes to mic tricks
The baddest of bitches
From rock to funk seamless
Ain't seen nothing like this
Since Jimi since Janis
And if you don't know who that is
Go home to your mama and ask her to school ya
Let your history rule ya
Then go back and practice
I'm a pro
P-r-o whoa

I'm a 100lb fighter with a heavyweight past
Grew up sittin on the laps of the real brat pack
It ain't been easy but its better than when I smoked crack
When the sweats pourin outta my soul this fast
Kickin joints kickin jams getting louder and louder
Your stereos fire and I'm the gun powder
Fight for tickets to my show then tweet the people ya know
You'll say you cant believe you never seen me live before
And how long its been since you've been moved like that and on top of it beats that go
Rat a tat tat