The heralds of starfall, they've known it for long
The woundwalker's footprints, all faded and gone
On the shores of nihil, there's no sand but in our eves
Still we cry

The tides of november, thev rise and they fall
Drowning the last of ewers, once and for all
In this blackwatergrave we all shall crawl

This stormchild empire was built of fog and sand
Now it has finally cone to meet it's watery end
The sands of these scabbed shores, now rubbed into our eyes
Tis fog's drowning all but our prayers and cries
Still we cry a filthfinger finale for those about to die

One more wave, one more breath

One more wave, one more breath
One more surge, one more death
No god there to calm the seas
But we drown with gratefulness and ease

One more wave, one more surge
The hungry black must feed it's urge
Abandon your lives to the waves
Now let's drink up our graves

One more wave, one more breath
The tides of november, the tides of death