She sucks in salty water
and sniffles down her hurt
and guzzles on the disassociation
in her thinning blood.
We drank wine for breakfast
sitting by side in our dressing gowns
and waited for the sundown
to embrace the blue lit town. 
She became my black leach,
sucking all my energy. 
She stole all my money
and hundreds of pounds of the youth in me
and with red lips, that sucked many other dicks.
She got 24 years of pseudonyms
resting on every one of her limbs
and I loved her once but she died.
Loved her once but she done died,
sitting in her cartoon shell.
She gave me 6 months on a page to tell.

And I...
She got 18 months to save her soul,
18 years and no parole,
for pissing on her doorstep.
'honey get me out of this please' she said
'before I, scrutinise your friends,
and make you sleep in my bed and
f*** your mind instead, 'cause
I'm mentally distressed and
a sociopathic mess, 
I'm chugging these little brown cigarettes,
you are my best friend. 
But I'll hate you if you have your own mind,
I'll cut out your heart
and eat it with your pride'

I loved her once but she died.
I loved her once but she done died.
Oh she done died, yes she done died.

She rains down like a shit storm,
of self obsessive charm and
narcissistic mirrors on a self inflicted sinner.
She loved me when I was a sparrow's feather
I was soft and low and weak.
Now she become the devils meek
with a naive flock of sheep to freak,
she got a rotten shell of crystal chic,
She got articulate tongues to speak,
so split like a python snakes',
giving me the shakes.
Well I, I can't help but
grieve for her she made
the bed in which she lies.

I loved her once but she died.
I loved her once but she done died, 
Oh she done died.
Yes, she done died in me.