Like a wave out on the sea
I'm slowly growing strength
A steady yearning
I've been learning
What's inside of me
You may see a little girl
You couldn't be more wrong
I may be small
But I feel tall
I'm confident and strong

I'm breaking through
I've found my truth
You never knew
I'm uncover
I'll never stop
Won't see me drop
You never knew
I'm undercover

This time I'ma sound like thunder
This time I'ma take you out
Feel like I'm the eighth world wonder
Show what I've been holding out
Inside is a voice that's waiting
Today I'ma let it sing
So loud there'll be no mistaking
Show you what I'm all about

I know hat you thought that I would always stick around
Clipped my wings
You hope I'd never soar above the ground
It's so sad to see the person that you've been come to be
Filled with hate and bitterness
A lonely place to be

I'm gonna show you what I'm all about
So be afraid of what you see
Cause I'ma scream and shout