You never wonder what it's like to be in love with you
You'll never know about the pain that you have put me through
I wanna change my  ways and stand tall without attitude
Hey I wanna feel the love  with you
Only when you're being you
 true to  you
Full of  a courage  now I'm moving in another way
Finding the answers for a better day
And I am not afraid to lose my way cause I am sure
I 've got the power for more
Oh, If you come my way
Gotta to be the best and no less
Gotta do the the best that I wanna do
And I know this has got to stop
Cause I'll never be the same again
You can stop them
Ways that you can be my man
Oh, Honey I know
The love can grow
Till I,  until I learn to be my own
A strictly gotta learn to live my own pace
Keep my own face, livin' in my own place
Oh, honey I knew
I can't live for you
I can do it, do it, do it
Do it anyway