Back in days as we speak and multiply 
the thoughts in my mind what will happen when i die 
free as a bird happy in the sky 
war on our earth lord why oh why 
justice please take me by the hand 
lead me to the place just like alice went to wonderland 
damn i am in a bad mood what shall i do 
excuse you for abuse thank you 
thy kingdom come and you´ll see what i mean 
deep breathe inhale for some oxygen 
where i´ve been you never can imagine 
lookin´ for the light day after still laughin´ 
life sucks payback is a bitch 
i pray to god yes i wanna be rich 
lookin´ for money and the faith real quick 
been thinkin´ about it all the time makes me really sick 

1,2,3 are you ready 
1,2,3 are you ready for the slow jam 
1,2,3 are you ready 
we won´t stop ´til we gettin´ our thing 

1,2,3 are you ready 

look time for me and you to take a look in the book 
read between the lines no garantie you get the book 
ready or not you better watch out coz here i come 
let me say hi to bill and hillary clinton 
what about the subject my brothers in the projects 
a minute or two will do my love and my respect 
hard times i´ve been thru no gold on my spoon 
mama left me my sister and my two brothers too 
back behind still together we climb 
searchin´ day and night prayin´ for a better life 
lord dear lord in heaven above 
obedience is better than sacrifice that´s why i am tough 
freedom and justice exactly what we lookin´ for 
free our pains and maintain so earth and the universe 
now is the time to go for you and yours