Sometimes it's all about you
sometimes it's all about me
and everything that we see
is what we want it to be
If it's all a theory
can you tell me clearly
what it is exactly
that you still won't tell me

What I need
is a story
Even if it's
just a story

What a way
what a day
to walk

I stood waiting for it
for an end i almost knew
counting every moment
isn't patience a virtue
But if i held my breath
i would've fainted fast
if i crossed my fingers
it'd be too long to hold back

What i need
is a story
even if it's
all a story

There was the side that I saw
A love with out any flaws
But there is no thing as such
it's a gold you can't touch
I'll stay waiting for it
i'll put all my time on break
Until I see the full page
any answer come my way

What I need
is a story
all i'm asking
is for a story

Repeat chorus (1 1/2 x)
Hey Hey, hey heyv hey hey, hey hey