Sweet little chaste woman
Why are you holding your breath in an ocean
Where the abyss is infinitely deep
Skiing mountains dangerously steep
Collecting all the dainty roses
Envisioning the one who proposes
I pray you garden's always filled with seeds
That it's not bothered by the stem of the weed

You keep your jewels in a safe
And only one set of keys
Careful to only bestow
The one who gets on his knees

Don't believe in what is wrong, keep your night-light on
You're confusing lust for love, Learn it will be gone
Don't believe in what is wrong, keep your eyes open
You thought love and lust were one, No- They're so different
Only love remains, Lust is all a game
Once you learn the truth, all will come to you

Chastity, I hope your listening
The point I'm making is the one you're missing
I'm only telling you so you don't have to
Make the decisions that I once had to
I'm no a preacher who has practiced
I'm not a teacher but you're still an apprentice
My only fault is that I see this view
You're not guilty; you're beyond your youth

If you're not prepared for this ride
I say you should close your eyes
These fields of no innocence
You couldn't bare this blackened side

I only mean well, I only mean well, I promise
I won't steer you wrong, it's only a simple request