Broken army
Face into me
Have you seen it operate
Every soldier
Like a soldier
Got a lack of confidence
Every soldier
Like a liar

Will you shoot him down?
You will... 
For the first time?
Yeah, you will... 

Feel the criminal inside
Are you just strong enough
Have you the guts to forget
You were someone before?
You will not need your brain
Plug it off

Broken nation
With conviction
Got a land to exterminate
Every soldier
Like a beggar
Prayed for death to stop the hate

Broken army
Face into me
Have you seen it operate
Broken nation... 

Every soldier
Like a liar
Closed the eyes to the genocide
Broken demise
Official lies
Pushed yourself to suicide
Every soldier
Every liar
Target... Enemies... Destroy
Buildings... Humans... Destroy
Family... Home... Destroy

Are you strong enough to
Get a gun in your mouth?
Guilty enough?
Bling enough for a new war
It could be easy this suicide
So now take this gun out of your mouth
Push it back
Push it back

When you see every battlefield, 
Filled with the blood of every soldier, 
You'll think you'll be the last one on Earth.
That could be true.
That could be you.
But you will never hear silence.
You will never hear silence again.
There will always be someone behind you.
The one you didn't kill.
And you'll just head one noise.
One noise. One fuckin' noise.