My well is dry
My words hollow
Promises brittle as my bones
You'll get nothing from me
You're squeezing water from a stone
And I am fool enough to be this alone
Ain't you supposed to bend?
Ain't you supposed to flex like a willow in the wind?
Ain't it easier to bend?
I am the one who stayed behind
My will is iron
I know
That I haven't learned a thing from the trouble it's got me in
And my troubles are just starting to begin
You run deep in me
Like the place where a river used to be
And I know it was a long time ago
But now all that's left is a sediment and stone
You are a diamond and I'm just coal
If you are a river then I'm just stone
You are flesh and I'm just bone
You are a churning river shaping my stone
You are the spring thaw
You are the churning flow of the river
You are endless
I'm just stone
You are the river
I'm just the stone