It will never die, no
It will never die, noooo
It will never die
It can only go on

I've never felt so...alone
With the stars pressing down from above
It's a feeling of terror
But there's also beauty in it

I can shout, cry out

It sounds small
There's nothing out there at all
The echo rings
And disappears in the deep

I'm out like a light
Swallowed up in the night
The dreams are dark
The landscape is stark

The hills flash red from the fire
Of the occasional passing car
It flickers and fades
The brush rustles in the wind

I can shout, cry out

But the sun, the horizon, the flames licking at the sky
And the dark all around me
Bugs writhing in the light
Shining on my glen as I continue to write
And every sound is like thunder, amplified
And every minute gets longer
Whether I like it or not