On a Monday, on a Tuesday
On a Wednesday, on a Thursday
Friday, we just sit and dream
On a Saturday, you know that your time is free.

See a movie, see a car race
See an old friend, see a new place
It's time to make love and be free
No working next day, lay in bed an' sleep.

No need to worry, just have a good time
Go to a party, have plenty of wine
A new love is there, it's got to be found
Just get it together, you know there's plenty around.

On a Sunday, when you wake up
Read the papers, then you get up
And go for a drink down the road
Talk about things and ask all your friends back home.

Watch football on the T.V.
Hear some new sounds on the settee
Cuddle up close to your girl
Soon be Monday and time to be back at work.