1. Some little bwoy dis me the other day 
An swear say dem get away 
But anyweh we see dem bwoy deh a stray 
Di whol a dem a get spray 
Mama she a beg an a hope an pray 
Seh nuh badda wid the gun play 
But some little bwoy nuh know how badman stay 
An a run guh fi AK 

But anybody test my door after hours dat a murder (bruck bruck out, bruckout bruckout) 
We know the flex we know tha score 
We are ready for whatever (bruck bruck out, bruckout bruckout) 

2. Some little bwoy a talk up inna dem nose 
An a give we pure gun pose 
We nuh give no respect to fools like those 
Weh a wear up the do clothes 
Rally pon mi ends and a hol a snooze 
Under some Indoes 
See my enemy and all of my foes 
A screechie an a tip toes 

RPT Verse 1.