Stoned and blissful
I know what I like
Have you seen her
She shines so bright
Free means being free
Of the need to feel free
There is nowhere else
i would rather be

Sweet surrender
My time was good
Nothin made me feel
Like I'm supposed to do
Tired seeker I was
Led to the world
Wish fulfillment
Hidden in a girl

How could I take it that long
I was lost like a Cork on the ocean
It made me floating along
I was free but I had no motion(?)
Life is pure magic when you
Finally get it right

All I wanted was
To feel close to you
I won't push it far
You do what you need to
Soul and fire
Can I still be your friend
When it's over
And we're free to float along
And wonder why we're free

I want you to be my girl
I want you to be my girl