Although my aim is getting poor
And I'm running out of steam
Although this song is sung before

All the words are true
And I feel brand new
I hope the truth shines through

And if I should loose my way again
And feel the way I sometimes do
Not be all that I should be

All I need is you
And your point of view
To help me see it through

Cause your such a heavy brew
Clear like morning dew

You support me when I feel so weak and tired
You will catch me when I fall
You will calm me if I'm all up tight and wired
See how... 

I've been high on a mountain top
I've been deeper than the sea
I've been lost and I've been found
Oh but I do it gladly (oh but I do declare?)

Nothing can compare
To coming back to you
And to see your eyes and see the whole SNAFU

Cause your such a heavy brew
Clear like mountain dew

It's my SNAFU (6x)