It's not paranoia, we all chose what to believe
If you don't understand it, you're easy to deceive
We pick our stories, no two tales are the same
Follow the money, ignore the smoke, but look out for the flame

Cop a feel
Make a deal
Shit is all too real

Put your decency in storage or run it by the lord
It's not a system, it's a funny game where lies are ignored
I've got this anger but I don't know what to do
It's not paranoia when it turns out to be true

Cop a feel
Make a deal

Shit is all too real

When truth is of no consequence
Learning's trumped by sheer pretense
When greed, deceit and vanity meets
Watch your back and count your teeth

Vanity before the fall
Face first smack into the wall
You don't care but will what still remains
Ever be rebuilt again?

Is this the point the future changed
And the new world order arranged?
Who will pick up what you've gone and dropped?
Will he succeed where you have flopped?