It wouldn't work,it's getting stronger 
can't be controlled any longer 
theres only guilt,there is no feeling of beauty left 
what was so free is getting locked up 
emotion-motion is dead stopped 
there's just remorse,there is no hunger,no craving left 
but I see what you mean-I wish I was 16 

I'm not there ,only choking 
it shuts down when I'm toking 
on the air,the musky odors of yesterday 
only numb,growing colder 
don't need heat to make this solder 
feels like I'm rustin g from this apathic decay 
but I know how it feels to be underneath those heels.. 

now I've got nothing more to say 
and I got burned on the way 
you drugged me ,fed me , 
took me with you to whereever you'd go; 
you swallowed me whole