Bismillah ir Rhman ir Raheem
Def on the speak
Epic on the beat

Champion chronicle, M Def remarkable
A breeze through the street
Like the most potent ganja fume
The non-stoppable 'A' article arsenal
True legendary Zulu Johnny stomper dude
Held responsible, bright, black, phenomenal
M mastered the magical, ceremony classical
Black hand touch the intangible, strong hold
And get *'em all* with or without the barcode
Y'all know, who stay frontin' like y'all don't
Stay gone, brother stay home keep the K close
At the crime court keep a case low
Flaco got to keep *a face* though
Baby, make no mistake about it
I remember them days without it
Vibrated a major wattage
My gate safe and solid
My flow translate to major dollars
New ways and options
New days new plagues and problems
News page all the rave about him