Quick question...
You ever felt like the realest nigga alive?
Felt too pretty or powerful to die?
Tell the truth...
You ever felt ugly enough to cry?
Have you ever begged for mercy?
Have you ever wished you died?
Tell the truth...
Have you ever taken pride in the crime?
Been too hungry to break down or hide?
Felt low down dirty? Or super duper high?
Or contemplated murder, robbery, or suicide?
Tell the truth...
Taken medicine for trouble in your mind?
Or taken down a number? For taking up a scheme?
I made her wild, beautiful take her 'til she skeet?
Take her to the penthouse or take her to the skreet?
Tell the Truth...
So the waterman he take it to the beat
And I take it to the 'mic
So we takin' what we like
Take it to your neck
We gon' take it to the bank
Triple X, Killa K
Black we take it to your face
Like, G...