Baba-baba-baba-baba-baba, you been so good to me
When I was a little boy you were the only one I wanted 
to be
To be like pa duke and ma duke
How much I love the both of you
I know all the strain we been through
But it's of no consequence cause I'm comin through
[ VERSE 1: Mos Def ]
Check it
I first stood ???? in the ??Brakalak??
In the center of ??Islam??, started ????
This had to be about ten years back
Before I ever even heard of a 24 track
Talkin about you was an MC was ??quite the?? move
Cause if you said you had skill well then you had to 
show and prove
And if there ever was a party, son, yo, I would set it
And tell the deejay run the beat from (Ultra-magnetic)
I grabbed the mic and then I leave the party buzzin
Tellin all my honeys I was Slick Rick's cousin
When they knew I wasn't, but I had no shame
Pa, you know the name, the Mos always had game
Back in the day ?????
Brothers knew how to act before glocks and crack
And Wendy C was doin radio shows
And 'crossover' meant that you wore your mom's clothes
When Sweet G was talkin about the games that people 
I used to sit back and say: yeah indeed, someday
And as I grew older my kung fu grew better
Instead of shootin the humbles I was shootin ????
And now my time has come
And now hip-hop's an industry polluted by bums
Posin with guns they're puffin mad blunts
Aiyo, brothers just started rhymin last month
They gettin fat deals on any major label
When they only see other people hold the mic cable
Five years ago when peoples danced to house
When the deejay played hip-hop then you walked out
But now you're hard, talkin about you paid mad dues
I used to see your ass ???? wearin platform shoes
I ain't confused, who you think you're foolin with that 
You ain't genuine, so don't waste your time
Riffin over here cause here ain't no chance 
That you could break the sound, son, you ain't that 
Times are gettin critical across the land
???? the b-boy, introduce the b-man, understand?
The M-O-S D is who I am, now check it out, y'all
My kung fu is the style you haven't mastered
[ VERSE 2: DCQ ]
At the age of 18 made a little money
And I needed some advice on how to live my life
Was goin through strife, people couldn't understand
That I was comin into my own, becomin a man
I had to have a plan cause I know what I'm here for
So I can't waste time, y'all
Gotta be on the ball and represent for my peeps
(Where?) in the streets
I make beats and kick facts over fat tracks
It's all of that from the ??Brakalak??
Goin through problems as a adolescent
A lot of troubles and turmoils, there was persistence
And I know that I stutter
But it don't matter cause I'm a bad -
I flip a verse either backwards, sideways
I rocks my [edited] from here, Mondays, Fridays
Saturdays and I get a weekend off
My [edited] ain't soft
(Well, excuse me, baby)
You paid your dues cause I'm the boss
So mother[edited] Bruce Springsteen and Diana Ross
Because they know what the time is
I rock [edited] for the fly kids, b-men, bouncin ?? 
Kick it drastic, you get tossed like an ash, kid
[ VERSE 3: Ces ]
Well, I'm sleek and I freak a beat
For you and your peeps to bump inside your jeeps
Your Acura, Honda or whatever
Bump it in the Benzi and get your head together
Strollin down the F.D.R.
Playin the microphone star
Deep in your car
With the thump-diddy-thump-da-thump-da-thump-thump
Pop up the trunk and let the bass bump
If you ain't got a ride, well, that's alright
Let the U keep you company on your hike
Trekin down the ave. with your headphones on
Take em off for a sec, you still feel gone
You're pressin rewind, many, many times
I must rock the mic cause it's only right
Comin right up offa Eastern ground
This is how you get down, I hope you like the sound
Thermo offering number one
There's more in store, there's more to come
We far from done, no, the show ain't over
So when we comin through don't say I never told ya