Hip hop, modern time, flossy and raw so self-absorbed, immature
I can't remember being this bored
Fake bonanza, become real wars
Bullets burn through the candy on the driver side door
Long investigations and no firm lead, billion dollar flow
And black life is still cheap
Where rent skyrockets and job prospects plummet
Ten murders, ten days, this summer
Talk about today's mathematics, a eighth, an O, a key
And the caliber on your ratchet
The inmate number, a centerfold's measurements
As close as a cold cell come to some tenderness
I heard them say it was all about the Benjamin's
I don't believe it now, didn't believe it then, fuck what ya heard
You believe what ya want, the truth is what it is, it be what it been
Get rich, shorty just trying to live
Don't believe in heaven and ain't trying to get in
And hell is everyday, fuck the world anyway
Potion and sips, spark up a clip, FADE AWAY!

The low lights, tree top heights
Be careful how you move the traps are covered in the lights
Landmines be disguised as welcome signs
I'll repeat it so you ain't got to press rewind
The landmines be disguised as welcome signs
Black fresh from Iraq, a wild look in his eyes, missing part of his arm
What the fuck is your problem!? Ohh lord! Fake Bonanza!

Gladiator, circus world
Glamor, pussy, pimp, ho goods and service world
Paranoid, itchy trigger nigga nervous world
Shatonic natural order in reversal world
The ipod, no God, zero circle world
The blow-a turtle world, smoke from the purple world
The killer murder world, hamburger murder world
Open twenty-four hours, all about them dollars
Pretty poison in pork sausage
Cold coffee and more coffins, fake bonanza [Repeat: x2]
Huh? What? I don't understand ya!
What they talking bout save they soul, oh lord, save they soul!
Help them reach the goal, peace! [Repeat: x4]
You know, peace [Repeat: x3]
Boogieman! Don't be scared
Ohh lord, save they soul [Repeat: x2] 
Ohh lord, save my soul [Repeat: x2]

Woke up this morning with my, my state don't fade and said I
Had the baddest feeling, maybe you stayed on my mind, said I [Repeat: x2]
Woke up this morning in my, my state, I'm dreaming, dreaming
Ain't nothing even, dreaming, praying, keeping
Woke up this morning and my mind stayed on freedom
Woke up this demon that keep staying on my mind
Said, woke up this morning and my mind stayed on freedom
It makes no difference what people say