I'm not gon sing a song or nothing.
Um, what that term they call it post traumatic stress syndrome? That thing that 
uh, soldiers will get.  I think a lot of people get that.  It's like when you 
experience somethin and uh, it affects you for a long time afterwards.  I guess 
everything works that way. Certain things have more impact than others.  
Sometimes it visits you in your dreams or when you're quiet or just at peace or 
trying to be at peace.  A lot of soldiers get it. A lot of common people get 
it. A lot of the time common people are soldiers, that's just the way it works 
This is a soldier's dream
The other night I was tumbling towards an uneasy sleep
When I had discovered myself 
Atop the sweet sticky firmament of my dreams.
Daybreak came and discovered me
With my fantasies pasted to my face.
I cant look at you right now.