Listen! Silent night’s cut with hungry growl
Beasts are here and they’ve heard the leader’s call
Listen! It is fear, stranger’s steps around
Pack flies through the dark, shadows hide their run

Look out! Hundred eyes gleaming like the stars
Thousand times they’ve seen how the victim dies
Look out! Hold you chance, vanquish your own fear
Werewolves took your trace, werewolves are near

You almost feel the caress of their jaws
You’ve got your bare hands against teeth and claws
They owe the night. They will rend. They will gnaw.

Know that nightmare’s here, just behind your back
No chance to survive werewolves’ attack
Know that every step is a deal with fate
Try to save your life while it’s not too late

Is it just a dream? Just awaken!
Try to banish it, try to break it!
You are out of breath, you are hunted
No it can’t be death! It’s a nightmare!

They’re hunting you like the hounds hunt the brute
You’ll meet your doom at the end of pursuit
It’s just the night. Just the moon. 
Just the woods…