I've treated this ol body like a stolen car, 
Just some old disposable machine, 
Pedal to the metal and a trail of broken hearts, 
Yea I'd fill it up with almost anything, 
My motto was live fast and go out strong, 
But I never thought that I'd live this long 

Once I had a woman and she treated me real good, 
The kinda love I never will replace, 
One day I thought I ain't seen the world the way I should, 
So one night I got up and stepped away, 
I knew there'd be some lonely's commin on, 
But I never thought that I'd live this long 

There have been many times I really should have died, 
But somehow I survived on my mistakes, 
They say it makes me stronger, but why does it take longer, 
Gettin up these days 

Yea I'm old enough to have a few regrets, 
I'm still young enough to have my dreams, 
Maybe that's the reason that my life ain't over yet, 
All the places and faces I ain't seen, 
I probably won't have time to see them all, 
But then again I never thought I'd live this long