This time..... It was our summer.
It was something,no one could take from us!
Sometimes that night,seems so close
Like I,could hold it
You said alright, we'll be fine.
But how could we have known?
Do you remember?
Roll down the window let in night air.
I always thought we'd be together
You said we've never gone this way before
I must not let you die
Your memory survives
Hope that tonight things are fine
As I lay awake
The light cuts the southern sky
And that glass stings my lungs
These scars they will always remind me of you
and how you're always with me
Won't you say and be with me tonight?
Don't you know I tried to find those pictures
With no light
I lost them as I lost you
Hoping to see and be with you again
Wishing the best for you my lost friend
To hear you laugh one last time
I hope you know I tried to find those pictures Jordo.
Of us that night in Detroit with the Pressure Point
and I now feel the need to fly
and hide inside your loving arms
I swear I'd give the whole thing up for you.