Trapped by the Pharisees
Knowledge lays in waste
Gnostic alchemy
Fodder for the hawks of god
Church battalion siege
Ivory towers crack
Did we have the right?
Did we ever?

The judges call your name
You're first on the list detained
As secular casualties
You're damned before you speak

Heretics bound and buried
On live streaming feeds
The prophet spoke no wrong
His truth is in their screams

The judges call your name
Your last on the list arraigned
As secular causalities
You're damned before you speak... heretic!

Or 2022?
My ashes in the Tiber
Yet a flag is on the moon?
The vile, the wicked - subject to prejudice

In excess, pogroms ensue
For atheists and agnostics
Torture and work camps resume
Your confession is all that's left
"Abjure, curse and detest"
Like Galileo Galilei
Atone, just like the rest
Spit your words and leap from the precipice
Start the rack, turn it back, 500 years AD
One by one, it's all undone Enlightenment deceased
None shall defy!