He left his house; he should have stayed
He went to work so he'd get paid
So he'd afford his brand new maid
Other things that make life great

He hopped a bus and then a train
Few more stops he'd have it made
But something happened on this day
That put this man into his grave

The train broke down he took a cab
He told the man to make it fast
They ran into a concrete slab
Then cries and screams for many times

He left the cab, walked down the street
There a person he did meet

Who thought his gun was pretty neat
And wanted to see someone bleed

Stumbling on for two more blocks
His body was in total shock
Punch in time was eight o'clock
He's hours late, so he'd be docked

Twenty feet from where he worked
He fell upon some teenage jerks
They took his cash then went berzerk
And killed the poor old office clerk

He should have stayed home
He should have stayed home
He should have stayed home