Give up, give up....

Here we go another civil rights song

Got it all wrong, doesn't do nothing
Sing, sing, singing until my face is blue
But what do you do?
Don't do nothing

Uh oh, take a step, move
In the right direction
Uh oh, take a look, make a move
For civilization

Here we go in a brand new year
What do I hear, but the same street talking
Cuz black and whitey are having a fight

Over who is right, and the time is near for

Here we go again talking 'bout race
It's the same newspaper with the same old space
Standing for something that you don't really know
If we don't work it out, we're all gonna go

One more time, so hear me through
Talking 'bout me, we're talking 'bout you
So, one more time just to get it right
You better get moving, for we start tonight