Albert is a friend I know 

Who walks a shuffling way.

And you must learn to read his face

For he hasn't much to say.

But he carries 'round inside himself

The knowledge he gives free.

If you look through, not at, his life

A whole new world inside you'll see.

When a window is a mirror,

You see two ways at one time.

You look outside and see the land,

The mountains left to climb.

But also you can see inside

Your face suspended there

Behold your face, and see your place

And understand why you are here.

Each time I gaze upon this boy

There's something moves inside

I see my own deformities

No longer need to hide

And through his life

I look upon my life a different way

This freedom that he gives for free

Means so much more than I can say

And Albert offers at no charge

The hope one life can bring

But what he freely gives us all

Has cost him nearly everything...