Take me home with you (2x) 
After the show I got nothing to do 
All of my friends are back home that I knew 
So take me home, ok? 
We could spend the day 

But make sure I'm back here at ten on the dot 
Cause no on will get to see me if I'm not 
And even if you don't think that I'm so hot 
You gotta take me home, all right? 
We could sing all night 

I'm gonna spend my whole life singing the song 
This is the only place where I belong 
And no one knows how to love me like you 
Where I'm going, so why don't you 
Take me home 

I lied about the friends back home that I knew 
I made them up 
I thought that would impress you 
Cause even back home there are no friends 
So you gotta take me home with you 
Take me home with you