Jah Souldiers nah easy, dem nah play
Mi nah rap up, mi nah skin up no day
Rastafai words Iyah say

Rockin’ it from Jamdown to Slovakia
Come around it's a love we chant
It's like we inna we own backyard

Move outta di way, Rasta youths dem keep rockin’ it
Outta Jamaica di Reggae music clappin’ it
dem nuh got no face, no limit, no border, no stoppin’ it
Inna dem system bare clappin’ it

Di Rasta youths dem rise and so dem come floppin’ it
Word, sound and power it ah beat dem like a whip
Come speak the truth, come confess, come admit
Rastafari dem ah di highest

And that’s why
We have to do the right in the most high sight
Let the love ignite, this a rubadub session tonight
Sidung pon top ah di riddim, Most high is everlivin’
Man ah lion, man ah no puss,
Man ah no dog, man ah no pigeon
Ital stew deh inna my kitchen
Brain food is neva missin’, So listen
Make sure Mother Earth yuh neva dissin’ bwoy

Rockin it from Jamdown to Slovakia, come around it's a love we chant, it's like we inna we home backyard."

Rockin’ di riddim, mi & mi bredrin and it feels so nice
Trust mi i mean it neva go leave it
when we hold a vibes
Keepin’ it proper, Original Rocker nuh mix inna dem ways
Don't need dem troubles, di youths dem ah juggle, just tun up di heavy bases
Trample dem, mi nah ramp with dem
dem always causin’ problem
Mi nah friend with dem, mi nah row with dem
Mi nah need no more fi pleasure dem
Dem waan fi kill us, but di most high build us
Like a buldozer we come fi take over

Well mi seh Babylon dem come like some snake under grass,
block up block up di way and dem nuh waan Rasta pass,
Mi hol ah reverence and mi hol a sted fast
Nuff youth dem deh fi pay di dead cause
nuh skin no teeth nuh bodda giggle and laugh
bout you ah model and ah hype and ah flaass

Just let me roll with the flow like i know
With the wind in my back to the future i grow
We are dancing like a fyah
To the morning to get higher
Pon the riddim inna rubadub stylee
Inna mi yard where the reggae is callin’