Not a smuggling dope ooo 
Mugglin ooooou noooo 
Live up ya soul yo 
And let ya mind blow 

Nah talk about coke no 
dont touch dat drug bro 
But police ago wild yo  
Fi di plant dat need to grow  

So cut it up and roll it up 
Light it up and feel dat 
Free it up dont lock it up 
So stop it up bomboclat 

Fight fi dat, grow it up,  
Live it up, haffi love dat 
Speak it up, dont trust dem dat 
Weed is bad bomboclat 

Is what I need to show 
Better being high then low 
In touch with inner soul 
In touch with inner flow 

Love being high yo 
Higher dan a sky  
A dondada style noo  
meditate fi while