For presidential longevity
In a bleak economy
Wave the flag show 'em who's boss
U.S War #54 of course

The masses have been prepared
Grenadan and panamanian affairs
Bomb 'em to hell once you begin
Civilians casualties have been factored in

Say it's for freedom when it's oil
And the sovereignty of kuwaiti soil
To protect the soldiers we'll censor the news
Schwastzkopf gives only the fact they choose

Cast a villain: Saddam Hussein
Paint him evil and insane
With our help and his notorious fame
The world's problems on him we can blame
Problems like our decaying schools
Crooked bankers treating us like fools
Tankers leaking oil slick pools
Cities where fear and violence rules

Problems like AIDS
Global warming: a fucking mess
What we need for re-election for sure
U.S War #54

When Johnny goes marching home again
Hurrah hurrah
In a body bag, ha ha ha ha
Never to come to family or friends
He died so fast and that is his end
See the pain in their face
So sad such a fucking waste
Watching buddies' flesh burn
No more lessons to be learned

Won the war what's the show
Refugees with no home to go
Mothers' pain in their eyes
Crippled children you can't hide

Military brass now are stars
On the talk shows and in the bars
How George got the world protected
Just to get his ass re-elected

To stack the court and slyly confused
"Bye civil rights women's" right to choose
The plan was perfect couldn't ask for more
U.S #54

When johnny goes marching home again
Hurrah hurrah (etc)