I do not wish to wipe the dusty haze from the plexiglas of morning
Or the lusty nine hour old sex stench from my passion-soiled skin
I do not wish to remember the repression in the guise of redemption
Or gain eternal peace that costs the sacrifice of an earthy paradise

I do not wish to let go of either of m lovers' hands
Or deny any loving touch

I do not wish to live in a fashion chic cliche 
Or a sea of self righteous rhetoric that translate to zero action

I do not wish to cash my freedom in 
For a five dollar and twenty-five cents an hour 
Or live the sunlit hours in the thought hold of a time clock

I do not wish to live out my days
And all my desires
I do want to share
With my friends my passion, lust and fires
I do want to lose my inhibitions and fears
I do wish to be at one
And keep my loved ones near