A punch to get it, tryin' to
get it
To do what I wanted to do
I cried and scream when I
saw my dream
It was dancin' all around
the room
Follow baby, save my soul I
just couldn't wait for you
Energy, energy, greatest
drink and I knew what I
had to do
Baby baby, that's no lie
Baby baby, don't ask me
Take it, break it, break it
Now glue it back together
Tryin' to drive you
Tryin' it off then kick it
back down the bend
Swingin' squealin' brushin'
up, now bring it all home
to bed
Baby, baby that's no lie
Sit on my
you can't find time
Ridin' on the crest of a
How appallin', the music
surrounds you
Sounding right in your way
Oh baby, off we go headin'
for a brand new place
The song's been sung, the
deed's been done
Staring you right in the
Baby, baby watch your
You know you really ain't
seen nothing yet