Verse 1:
You can't imagine the way I feel
When we're close enough to kiss
I been around for a little while
Never found anything like this
You take me high as an airplane
With your smile shining bright like the sun
Said you keep buzzing around my way
I can tell that you are the one
Chorus 1:
Honey Bee
Why are you so sweet to me?
I cannot see
Anything but my Honey Bee
Verse 2:
I like the way that we intersect
In our own little paradise
I like the way that you read my head
I don't have to tell you twice
Love is the way that you make me feel
And it's just what I need the most
What could be better than you and me

Who knew heaven was so close?
Chorus 2:
Honey Bee
I love the way you hugging me
Nothing is as sweet
As the honey from my Honey Bee
Verse 3:
Who can know
Your love comes If we take it slow
And I like the way your honey flows
And then we'll treasure all of the years we know
We will treasure love
Honey Bee
Don't you ever fly from me
I would not be
Any good without my Honey Bee
Honey Bee
Never fly away from me
Where would I be without my Honey Bee?
Honey Bee
Don't fly away, don't fly away from me.