I remember when I was thirteen 
I saw a picture on my T.V. screen 
The Reverend Billy Graham and the people singing "Just As I Am" 
And it felt like You were talking to me 
And the whole world seemed to fade away 
Until I heard my mother say "Son, are you okay? Do you wanna pray?" 
And that became the hour I first believed 

Next thing you know I'm high and flyin' 
Next thing you know 
My heart is in your hands 
Next thing you know 
There's no denyin' 
Next thing you know I'm a brand new man 

Well, I wish I could say I always stayed right there 
And I did until my freshman year 
But the world was pulling me a long way from thirteen 
And you were calling but I didn't hear 
Still I knew there was something more S 
o, one day my knees hit the dorm room floor 
I said, "If you're there, and if you really care, 
Come and talk to me like I was thirteen." 

Got a picture in my head today of how heaven might look someday 
I see the people there, so I pull up a chair 
And their stories, they blow me away 
'Cause I can see it on every face 
The evidence of grace 
And as I listen it occurs to me 
Everybody's got their own thirteen 

So, what's your story about His glory? 
You gotta find your place in the history of grace 
Yeah, what's your story about His glory? 
Come on and find your place