Dre get the phone!
Chill Dre I got it. Hello?
Yeah, who this?
It's Oreon, Hi Mase!
Oh, whassup you miss me?
Yeah I miss you, I'm tryin' to see you tonight.
What time?
Whatever time is good for you.
Whassup wit 7:00?
7:00 is good.
Hold on, hold on, hold on. Hello?
Who this?
This' Gina.
Gina whassup you miss me?
So tonight, you tryin' to see me?
No doubt. Wuz up wit you?
I don't know. Wuz up?
What you mean you don't know.
It's gonna hafta be later cause
I was sposta be goin' somewhere wit wit my brothas.
How late is late?
Like 11:00?
Oh, that's good.
Hold on cuz I got my mother on the other line alright. Hello?
Yes baby.
Wuz up. So I think I'ma be able to do it at 7:00.
7:00 is good?
Yeah where you want me to pick you up?
I'll be in front of the building.
Alright hold on my man on the other line. Alright?
Yo, Oreon?
Who the fuck is Oreon? What happened to your mother?
You know I was just playin' Lis- oops.
Who the fuck is Lisa? Motherfucker you must of lost your mind!
You know I was sayin' that shit to get you mad.
Oh, you wanna be callin' names motherfucker
the real nigga I wanted was Puffy but he didn't come to the club
that night fool, I know that make you real mad!