Huh, I said NY, OK OK, HARLEM!!
Where you at i miss you, where you at do you miss me
Anywhere anyplace anyhow, anywhere!

Now if you see im the kingdom, i got the thing on
See the silver thing chrome, it'll play a ringtone
See me in ya queen fone, you better dream on
Drama that i bring on, you dont wanna bring home
Im from the block where only money matter
A nigga take snow and blow like Nassau
Where they stay screamin, skip from my Lou with a raptor
Used to dribble rocks, now they pushin it faster
Nigga talk slick, he get slit with the dagger
Nigga walk into ya death all you hear is the laughter
Then you hear the POP POP POP and after
Cops show up and got questions to ask ya
You gonn' make it to the top, you gonna have ya own ladder
You gonn' make it pumpin rocks, you gonn' have ya own matter
'cause a nigga in my hood aint gonn' cook it for ya
A nigga take a drink for ya before he take a break of ?? for ya
Nigga snip for ya, take a booket for ya
Nigga take a hit, but definately wont take a woop for ya
Nigga hearing got the whole hood lookin for ya
Thats a Harlem nigga for ya, Ya hear me

Right right now, you heard me, right right now

Im coming coming back back to Harlem Harlem
My black Denali
Im going going back back to Harlem Harlem
You heard me right
Im going going back back to Harlem Harlem
And i aint here to fight
Im going going back back to Harlem Harlem
And you gonn' stop me?, huh, you gonn' stop me?
He gonn' stop me huh?

I said im from where niggas be fresh and they love them pressin
And call ya floss, be the one you be left and
Why'd need a weapon, to come ???
If its not a credit card, its a check scam
You think he ya best friend, till you see his tec scram
And the boy with the baby floss, be left hand
but gotta make 350 for me to repect fam
We definately a Mets fan, you got death man
We come to collect and the clip start a jet cam
POW, you want it you be in dept man
Your life'll loose step man with 6 in ya head man