I know why we dont get along
Its lonely at the top nigga
You hear that echo?, lets go nigga
Niggas playin with me man, push my back against the wall man
Whoo Kidd lets get it!!, G-Unit!!!
Haha yea you know me, nobody wanna know about you nigga
Thats why they always asking bout me nigga
They wanna know me nigga
Thats why they ask you about me they wanna know me nigga
Yea Yea Yea

How could you not remember me, i put you in the industry
Gave you niggas a flow, and now you actin finnacky
Now anything that can brought 2 chains, 3 bracelets on 
Is probabl just mimmickin me
Im what the game never seen, Jewlerys hard jello green
Lacoste a four rock a New Era with a lean
It dont take too much to drop a dutch on a caroussine
Youz a rookie ima veteran, i can carry anyting
Niggas like broads, always makin the comments
I pave the way, niggas should be payin me homage
I carry ?? like im Isaah Thomas
I love beef, some niggas use to say im islamic
You be happy i turned reverend, or 7 to 11
In front fo 7-11 with a brand new Mac 11
I catcha with the ratchet and i prolly wouldnt pray
Better yet i probably wouldnt play
I prolly be in the kitchen witcha Mrs., wrap a body with Yay
Buy my cars in Miami while i shop in L.A.
With the same prosecutor that put Gotti away
So niggas is you copyin Ma$e or copyin Jake
Make up ya mind, i'll take you niggas 8 at a time
See how many you can take from this 9
I get so much cake that i crime, see you niggas sayin from mine
Tryna get this nigga Ma$e to resign
I needa say, the couple color prolly 9 millimiter gray
Front on me that be the day, Stunt on me you eat a K
Come to the point as a largest, my extra car parkhouse, penthouse
Overlook your resivoir, better i pray for em
And lay for em, polish the AK for em
And make his block hot as Ma$e for em

Yea..yo Whoo Kidd im in the catch 22
tryna not to catch 22
if i go to church niggas say im takin the money
if i come in the game niggas say im takin money
no matter where im at its like im takin the money
so just leave it at that nigga im takin the money!
yall done woke da beast up, i was sleep
i aint even gonna lie to ya niggas i was sleep
i was snorin, i was in a coma
but now i smell the aroma nigga moneys in the air
lets do it, who wanna do it with the kid haha
yall niggas dont want me yall better stop playin
anythin you put on my head i can match it nigga
and then spot you 20 nigga, MURDA