Looking back is not the same as looking forward 
you can’t see what it is you’re heading toward 
all that’s visible is what’s left behind 
the dreams distilled and the dreams discarded 
what made you leap or left you empty hearted 
in the moment and in the fullness of time

Now you see what it is that you would have changed if only you’d known 
where you’d be and to be here is very strange waking up alone 
in the middle ages

All along you paid close attention 
to the answers when a voice asked the question 
how’d you get here, where do you belong 
17 makes us brave and so full of nerve 
35 makes us pause but we’re undeterred 
never say die and so we push on
And some come to a place of reckoning try to fix what they find 
I arrived with the questions still beckoning in the back of my mind 
to the middle ages

Now you bitch about your job what’s wrong with folks today 
the price of gas and milk and the guy who begs for change 
he’s camped out at the light you hide behind your shades 
and will the green to flash to speed your getaway 
you’re racing to keep up or just to be on time 
that’s what you tell yourself when the emptiness inside 
threatens to break out clouding up your eyes you just have to pull over

We used to dread lives rendered ordinary 
we always said we’d own a grander story 
but the only kind worth telling somehow 
is the one about a jolt that makes you listen 
that jagged lightning bolt of recognition 
that love and kindness are all that matter now

And way back in the back of your mind you heard something getting through 
like some beautiful passage without words welcoming you 
to the middle ages