(lyrics: j. harte, music: b. walker)

The words around town your lover's found another.
All of those lies he had you believing,
Well listen honey, here's how the story goes.
When you know you've been had, don't get mad¡­ just go get even.

Let it go with the flow, just like the water under the bridge.
Let it slide, let it ride, the dam is gonna break,
If you don't let that water under the bridge.

9 to 5 all week long, you're sweatin' for a dollar,
While the slave drivers eyes keep burnin' holes in your back.
All of the time, he's one step behind,
Cracking his whip, trying to make you snap.

But it's a mind game that you're playing,
There's only one way that you're gonna win.
Don't let him see that chip on your shoulder,
Cus' if you keep your cool it'll get to him.

(chorus x2)